Book of Matthew - Reading Plan

On January 1, 2018 Darby Creek Church is encouraging everyone in the church to join us in using an in depth Bible reading plan that will take us through the book of Matthew.  Below are some videos that explain how to access the reading plan using the Bible App (aka, YouVersion).   On this page you will also find a additional resources for studying the book of Matthew.  Each week Pastor Greg will give a message on one of the passages from the week’s readings.  If you don’t want to use the Bible App, we will also post the scripture readings on this page at the beginning of each week.




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Readings in Matthew

  • Monthly Reading Schedule for January 2018 – Every month during our journey through the book of Matthew we will publish the scheduled readings for those who are not using the Bible App or to guide them through the reading plan.  Here is the link for the current month LINK

Resources for Further Study

  • Dr. Constable’s Commentary on Matthew – If you would like to use a free commentary to supplement your reading as you go through the book of Matthew, check out Dr. Constable’s free PDF commentary online HERE
  • Amazon Prime Video – If you already have access to Amazon Prime Instant Video service, you can watch a word for word (NIV version) dramatized video that takes you through the entire book of Matthew! It’s a two-part video series.  This can be a great way to familiarize yourself with the entire book of Matthew.  Here are the links to each part.  Part 1 LinkPart 2 Link.
  • Free Online Courses – Here are links to two FREE online courses on the book of Matthew.  One is an overview and the other is a 12-week course. Courses Link.